Northampton Electronic Collection of Theses and Research

NECTAR Notice and Takedown Policy

All material in NECTAR is subject to temporary or permanent removal pending the outcome of any complaint.

Complaints will normally be concerned with the ownership of intellectual property rights, moral rights and other legal issues. Grounds for complaint may include (but not be limited to) unauthorised reproduction, integrity, breach of confidence or data protection.

Complaints should be made in writing to the NECTAR Manager ( and should specify both the subject of the complaint (the particular item) and the reason.

Upon receipt of a complaint, the NECTAR Manager will initially assess the validity of the complaint and will acknowledge its receipt. If the complaint is deemed to be valid, the item will be temporarily removed from NECTAR and the contributor of the item will be notified. The contributor will be invited to respond to any allegations.

If necessary, the NECTAR Manager will spend a reasonable amount of time mediating between the complainant and the contributor in order to resolve the issue to their mutual satisfaction. One of four outcomes will result:

  1. The item is unchanged (and restored to NECTAR)
  2. The item is replaced in NECTAR with appropriate changes
  3. The item is withheld from NECTAR pending completion of an embargo period
  4. The item is permanently removed from NECTAR

Any queries about this policy should be addressed to the NECTAR Manager.