Northampton Electronic Collection of Theses and Research

Work held in NECTAR

NECTAR is able to store and display a large amount of information about your research. Data entry is however complex, because the information required for say, a book, is quite different from that required for a journal article, an exhibition or a patent. For this reason, we have defined a number of 'item types' and used different fields to describe them. The item types are listed below and the fields are displayed automatically when they are selected in NECTAR.

Article An article, abstract, letter or review in a journal, magazine or newspaper
Book An authored or edited book or conference volume
Book section A chapter or section in a book
Monograph A monograph, for example a discussion paper, manual, project report, research report, technical report or working paper
Conference or Workshop Item An unpublished paper, poster, speech, lecture or presentation given at a conference, workshop or other event
Conference Proceedings An individual conference item subsequently published in a set of conference proceedings
Thesis A thesis or dissertation
Patent A published patent
Artefact An artist's artefact or work product
Show/Exhibition An artist's exhibition or site specific deposit
Composition A musical composition. Use this to deposit scores. Record details of performances of work as type 'Performance'
Performance Performance of a theatrical or musical event
Image A digital photograph or visual image
Video A digital video
Audio A sound recording
Map A map
Honorary role Editorship, visiting fellowship, officer of scholarly association etc.
Other Something within the scope of NECTAR, but not covered by the other categories