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Providing effective support to teachers in addressing social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in mainstream classrooms in a Bangalore pre-primary school

D'Souza, M. and Jament, J. (2015) Providing effective support to teachers in addressing social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in mainstream classrooms in a Bangalore pre-primary school. Support for Learning. 30(3), pp. 239-251. 0268-2141.

Item Type: Article
Abstract: This article reports a study conducted on children’s social, emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD) in a single pre-primary school in Bangalore, with the objective of developing a behaviour management policy for use by teachers. Limited evidence is available in the Indian literature in the area of SEBD and it remains important to know how the teachers address behaviour in their classrooms and what proposals they have for the provision of effective support for these children in schools. Eight teachers who had expressed concerns about children’s SEBD were selected for the study. Questionnaires and semi-structured interviews were used to gather data from these teachers. The first part of the study was focused upon the teachers’ understanding of the concept of SEBD and the characteristics associated with this label that they encounter in the classroom. Further attempts were made to explore teachers’ strategies and ‘solutions’ to meet such difficulties in their classrooms. The paper discusses the adaptable framework with guidelines for teachers, formulated from the data gathered from the study, together with ideas accumulated through the use of relevant literature to address SEBD in early years settings in India.
Uncontrolled Keywords: Pre-primary school, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, teachers, behaviour management policy, India, inclusion, special educational needs
Subjects: L Education > LB Theory and practice of education > LB1139 Early childhood education
L Education > LA History of education > LA410 Other regions or countries > LA1151 India
L Education > LC Special aspects of Education > LC3950 Exceptional children and youth. Special education > LC4801 Emotional and behavioral disorders
Creators: D'Souza, Mildred and Jament, Johnson
Publisher: Blackwell
Faculties, Divisions and Institutes: University Faculties, Divisions and Research Centres - OLD > Research Centre > Centre for Special Needs Education and Research
University Faculties, Divisions and Research Centres - OLD > Faculty of Education & Humanities
University Faculties, Divisions and Research Centres - OLD > Research Centre > Centre for Education and Research
Research Centres > Centre for Education and Research
Date: 29 September 2015
Date Type: Publication
Page Range: pp. 239-251
Journal or Publication Title: Support for Learning
Volume: 30
Number: 3
Language: English
ISSN: 0268-2141
Status: Published / Disseminated
Refereed: Yes
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