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Library music: technology, copyright and authorship

Nardi, C. (2012) Library music: technology, copyright and authorship. In: Moreno Fernández, S., El-Shawan Castelo-Branco, S., Roxo, P. and Iglesias, I. (eds.) Moreno Fernández, Susana, El-Shawan Castelo-Branco, Salwa, Roxo, Pedro and Iglesias, Iván Current Issues in Music Research: Copyright, Power and Transnational Music Processes. Lisboa: Colibri. pp. 73-83.

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Abstract: The increasing rationalisation of the culture industry, together with recent developments in studio equipment and network technology, have apparently contributed to an expansion of the use of music libraries in media production. A feature of library music is that musicians operate on a work-for-hire basis, which stipulates that, as the actual creator relinquishes any rights to the music, the hiring company becomes the legal author. Because of this, the regulation of library music disrupts the concept at the heart of an author’s right, reinstating a system of commissions while fixing the value of a musical piece once and for all on the basis of its use-­value in the market. Drawing on the Marxian theory of alienation, I examine how the reorganisation of copyright in library music affects the roles of the actors and institutions involved in the process of music production, paying attention especially to the implications for authorship and the allocation of economic benefits.
Uncontrolled Keywords: Library music, stock music, digitalisation, copyright, alienation
Subjects: Z Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources > Z551 Copyright
M Music and Books on Music > ML Literature on music > ML3790 Music trade
M Music and Books on Music > ML Literature on music > ML3797 Musical research
Creators: Nardi, Carlo
Editors: Moreno Fernández, Susana, El-Shawan Castelo-Branco, Salwa, Roxo, Pedro and Iglesias, Iván
Publisher: Colibri
Date: 2012
Date Type: Publication
Page Range: pp. 73-83
Title of Book: Current Issues in Music Research: Copyright, Power and Transnational Music Processes
Place of Publication: Lisboa
Number of Pages: 232
Language: English
ISBN: 9789896892432
Status: Published / Disseminated
Refereed: Yes
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