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WebNSM a novel scalable WebRTC signalling mechanism for many-to-many video conferencing

Edan, N. M., Al-Sherbaz, A. and Turner, S. J. (2017) WebNSM a novel scalable WebRTC signalling mechanism for many-to-many video conferencing. In: IEEE Conference on Collaboration and Internet Computing :. San Jose, California, USA: IEEE. (In Press)

Item Type: Book Section
Abstract: There is a strong focus on the use of Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) for many-to-many video conferencing, while the IETF working group has left the signalling issue on the application layer. The main aim of this paper is to create a novel scalable WebRTC signalling mechanism called WebNSM for many-to-many (bi-directional) video conferencing. WebNSM was designed for unlimited users over the mesh topology based on (API) mechanism. A real implementation was achieved via LAN and WAN networks, including the evaluation of bandwidth consumption, CPU performance, memory usage, maximum links and RTPs calculation; and Quality of Experience (QoE). In addition, this application supplies video conferencing on different browsers without having to download additional software or user registration. The results present a novel signalling mechanism among various users, devices and networks to open one or multi rooms at the same time using the same server, determine room initiator to keep the session active even if the initiator or another peer leaves, sharing new user with current participants, etc. Moreover, this experiment highlights the limitations of CPU performance, bandwidth consumption and using mesh topology for WebRTC video conferencing.
Uncontrolled Keywords: The Real-Time Web Communication (WebRTC), Socket.IO signalling mechanism, Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Quality of Experience (QoE), Mesh topology and a Web New Signalling Mechanism (WebNSM)
Creators: Edan, Naktal Moaid, Al-Sherbaz, Ali and Turner, Scott J
Publisher: IEEE
Faculties, Divisions and Institutes: Faculties > Faculty of Arts, Science & Technology > Computing
Date: 20 August 2017
Date Type: Acceptance
Title of Book: IEEE Conference on Collaboration and Internet Computing :
Place of Publication: San Jose, California, USA
Language: English
Status: In Press
Refereed: Yes

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